Women in CS: No, I Mean We Need More HOT Girls in CS

Geek Girls and Self-objectification

Daniel Floyd

{Video Games and the Female Audience: Youtube}

So it is apparent to me that there are 2 real issues with this formulation of “sexy geek (girls)” and female video game characters and much of the discourse around wanting more women in CS.

1. There are a lot of instances where it is made clear to women in that they are only welcome if they are attractive (and sometimes, appear sexually available to the ‘real’ members of that group), and that their only purpose for being there, their role, is as a potentially sexual partner and/or decoration for the ‘real’ (male) members of that group – which sends a very direct message that could give a rats ass if they have any female [players/developers/attendees].
And for some women this means outright exclusion (if you’re not male you’re not a real gamer, and if you’re not attractive then what are you doing here?). And for some people it offers a shit-tastic choice (tits or GTFO).

Let’s assume you choose option B. (And as someone said in the first article, that character you want to cosplay has pretty good odds of being hypersexualized already). You get to your con, people want to pose with you – if you’re lucky in genetics, then you’re accepted no problems (provided you are willing to spend most of your time at the con being appraised based on your sexual value and possibly sexually harassed), right? Not so much.

This issue is compounded by all the slut-shaming that happens in our society:

2. There is a larger societal issues that forces women to chose between being attractive / sexual and having the opportunity of being considered intelligent, capable, moral, worthy, or as if they have any relevant traits besides being sexy.
Notice how Daniel Floyd, above, says of the girls posing naked with joysticks ‘we know they’re not real gamers’.
Bruce Wayne’s cover is to be an overtly sexual rich boy, but he is able to do that without it invalidating his strength or morality as batman – and without objectifying him, of course. Image how a female character with the same cover would be treated…

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