CS/UX: Food Math

Find three foods such that every pair goes together, but all three do not

I personally think this question makes an excellent party game. The correct answer, of course, is that there is no answer, people’s personal tastes vary much too wildly… but that is also no fun!

Answers from famous people:

Richard Feynman has allegedly suggested tea + milk + lemon as a solution to this puzzle. (Of course, I’m not sure milk + lemon works).

Dear George Hart,

May I tell you that your question is wrong, and this is why there is no

Indeed, there is a myth called “food pairing”, but it is not scientific, as
food appreciation is a question of art… and art always espapes (aesthetics)

Moreover, think of Munster Cheese, durian fruits, hot brain of apes in
skulls… If someone had it when young, it’s good!

Finally, an anecdote: I asked once to my friend Pierre Gagnaire if he would
be able to mix the impossible pair camembert cheese+raspberries… and he
did it at once. The recipe is in my book “Cooking, a quintessential art”, at
California University Press. Moreover, in this case, you need absolutely a
poor camembert to get a “good” result. A discussion is given also in the
final chapter of my book “Building a meal” (Columbia University Press)

Best regards
Hervé This

(repost from George Hart)

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